Up Your Ass

Sean Michaels - (a.k.a. Shawn Michael, Andre Allen, Jan Michaels, Shaun Michaels, Sean Peters) - Sean Michaels is the most successful black man in porno history. His ''Up Your Ass'' series, is one of the hottest anal-themed adult movie lines, on the market! His a hard working stud who has parlayed a tireless production schedule into one of the longest-running carnal careers of any African-American performer. He's a well-muscled stud with a sly grin that lets audiences know that he's quite aware of just how good he's got it. Sean's boyish good looks have proven to be irresistible to porno starlets for almost a decade now, and there's no reason to suspect that he's planning to slow down anytime soon.

Sean was born Andre Allen in Brooklyn, New York. He moved out West in 1989 determined to break into the porno racket, but little did he know what an impact he'd end up making. Sean's stellar woodsmanship got him noticed almost immediately, while his above-average acting skills enabled him to land roles that hadn't previously gone to black actors. He has run into racism in the industry, though, with many white actresses refusing to work with him. Sean's also been edited out of several vids by squeamish directors who were afraid to unleash such hardcore interracial lust on their audiences.

Sean moved behind the camera in 1993 to helm the 'Sean Michaels On The Road' series, and he showed a great eye and a knack for bringing the best out of his performers. Since then, Sean's efforts as a producer and director have kept him at the forefront of black-themed and interracial sexvids. His 'Up Your Ass' flicks are some of the hottest anal-themed flicks on the market. The star of over 700 hardcore features and one of the most talented directors in the biz, Sean Michaels is deservedly the most famous black stud to ever appear in porn. He's a member of the AVN Hall of Fame and a two-time winner of the Fans Of X-Rated Entertainment Male Favorite Award.







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